Imagery in Action: Real World Satellite and Drone Imagery Applications using the Radiant Earth Foundation Platform

Beginner - Nov 2018

Yonah Bromberg Gaber, Platform Developer Community Associate, and Anna Mae Green, Community Engagement Associate at Radiant Earth Foundation show how to use satellite imagery in the real world. This webinar, targeted at users without experience with remote sensing, will demonstrate how to find the right imagery for your needs that you can select from the available image library, as well as adding your own imagery.

Scaling Up Geospatial Projects: Using the Radiant Earth Foundation API for Advanced Imagery Analysis

Advanced - Oct 2018

Radiant Earth Foundation’s Lead Geospatial Data Scientist Dr. Hamed Alemohammad and Geospatial Software Engineer Alando Ballantyne demonstrate the platform’s advanced analytical methods and tools. Topics covered include an overview of our API (python and non-raster APIs available via, API endpoints and how to use them, How to extract/ export, Annotations, and Machine Learning, and more.

How to Access and Analyze Earth Observation Imagery using the Radiant Earth Foundation Platform

Beginner - Sept 2018

Radiant Earth Foundation’s Founder & CEO Ms. Anne Hale Miglarese, and Lead Geospatial Data Scientist, Dr. Hamed Alemohammad show how to access satellite imagery and data quicker, and run analysis faster and more efficiently. This webinar provides an overview of non-profit Radiant Earth Foundation, as well as an interactive demonstration of the open platform capabilities.