Strategic Plan



Summary of Radiant Earth Foundation’s Strategic Plan

A need exists within the global development community (GDC) to understand and exploit rapidly-advancing machine learning (ML) and Earth observation (EO) related technologies that can be game-changing for addressing critical and complex challenges such as food security, climate change, urbanization, and water availability.

The Radiant Earth Foundation is uniquely positioned to play a leadership role in filling this need. With broad experience as a neutral entity working with commercial, academic, governmental and non-governmental partners to expand EO data and information used in the global development sector, Radiant Earth Foundation recognizes the opportunity that exists today to advance new applications and products through ML.

To fill this need, Radiant Earth is positioning to support the GDC ability to use ML and Earth observations to solve some of the globe’s most difficult problems. Guided by core characteristics of neutrality, collaboration, and innovation, Radiant Earth leverages investments by governments, universities, multilateral agencies, as well as non-profit and commercial entities. This is evidenced in Radiant MLHub, which was established in 2018, and remains the centerpiece of our efforts to advance ML for EO. Designed for and by geospatial and global development practitioners, Radiant MLHub encourages openness and collaboration.

Key elements of the strategy are:


A strengthened global development community that benefits from high-quality and trusted ML and EO resources for positive global impact. 


Empowering organizations and individuals globally with open ML and EO data, standards and tools to address the world’s most critical international development challenges.

 Strategic Goals and Activities

Radiant Earth focuses on three key strategic goals:

  1. Fostering an open source “Hub” to discover and access EO training datasets and ML models;
  2. Cultivating a community of practice to develop standards around ML on EO and to expand the interoperability of these tools and datasets; and
  3. Raising awareness amongst global development actors, data scientists, and geospatial professionals on the progress and innovation in the ML and EO marketplace.


Radiant Earth’s vision and mission are crafted around the notion that ML and EO standards and tools must be readily available and trusted by the international development community if they are to be adopted as a basis for evidence-based decision making. For trust to occur, data must be open, of high-quality, and developed through a collaborative process. Only then can the broader community innovate for its desired impact: High-quality data and ML models that are trusted by national, regional, and local organizations to drive solutions that benefit poor and vulnerable people.

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