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Improving your Company’s Workflow with Radiant Earth Foundation

H2O Geomatics is a Canadian Earth observation company that has been around since 2014. The organization has worked on a variety of remote sensing contracts for both the European and Canadian Space Agencies and has also expanded into the commercial sector. A large part of their portfolio includes creating Earth observation products to support the agriculture, energy, and insurance industries. In their article, they discuss how Radiant Earth Foundation’s platform has helped make a positive impact on their work.

Editorials, Testimonials & Use Cases

Satellite Imagery in Support of Land Rights in Mozambique

Geospatial data and the expertise to interpret it can be helpful to journalists who are researching and reporting complex stories, such as the movements of populations at the intersection of land rights, ecotourism, and political power.

Contentious land development on the Mozambican side of the border with South Africa was billed as a way to protect rhinos and elephants from poachers while providing jobs for the local Cubo community and water for their cattle. However, according to the local villagers, it turned into a land grab by South African conservationists and tourism businesses, aided by corrupt politicians, bribes, and false promises.