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Connecting people globally to Earth imagery, geospatial data, tools and knowledge to meet the world’s most critical challenges.

Why we exist - Open Geospatial Data for Positive Impact

We like to think of Radiant.Earth as a launch pad. However, instead of a rocket lifting into space, we propel people in the global development community into an illuminated world of Earth imagery, data, visualizations, and analytical tools, all fueling new discoveries, solutions, and innovation. Just as rockets enable the unique perspective of looking at the Earth from space, Radiant.Earth enables users to explore an unlimited number of Earth imagery-related resources via an open and neutral pathway, meaning that these resources may be publicly or commercially available.

{Why} we exist - {Open Geospatial Data} for Positive Impact
How we {propel} global development

How we propel global development

Radiant.Earth is a non-profit organization. We are actively working to aggregate the world’s open Earth imagery and provide access and education on its use to the global development community. At the center of Radiant.Earth is an open technology platform that will help people discover and analyze the vast resources of Earth imagery, accelerating improved decision-making and fueling new solutions, discoveries and innovations. In support of this user-driven platform, Radiant.Earth offers an integrated and robust community development program to guide people in the use of imagery, geospatial data sets and tools. This includes insights into the commercial marketplace and related policies.

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As a leader in open Earth imagery for the global development community, Radiant.Earth is a great organization to build your career. In addition, Radiant.Earth offers excellent benefits and a positive work environment. To join our team, click on the link below.


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