ML4EO Market News

August 2022 ML4EO Market News

Highlights this month include Jed Sundwall’s appointment as Radiant’s new executive director, a white paper on the State of AI for Earth Observation, complete with a handy glossary and acronym explainer, a free online course by Nvidia, and numerous datasets, models, tutorials, and resources. 

Methodologies & Applications

Data Access & Validation

Geospatial Models

  • SARfish: Ship detection algorithm that can scan Sentinel 1 Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) imagery in 10 min, created by Michael Cruickshank
  • Urban Tree Dectection code for training and evaluating a convolutional neural network (CNN), created by Jonathan Ventura

Standards Research & Innovation

Tutorials, Webinars (recorded) & Resources





Data Challenges 

Conferences & Workshops

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