STAC 0.7.0 Release and New Website

Chris Holmes is pleased to share two pieces of news about the SpatioTemporal Asset Catalogs Spec. The first is that we now have a website! The goal of the website is to be a much more approachable set of explanations than the specification itself. Having the specification live on GitHub was done on purpose to make it more accessible to developers, but it can be intimidating to non-developers. Putting up the website is indeed a milestone, signaling that STAC is maturing enough to welcome a wider audience.

A big thanks goes to David Gavin of Digital Earth Australia for doing all the initial website copy and styling at the 3rd STAC Sprint, with his ‘outreach’ group. We are hoping to have another outreach group do comparable tasks at the 4th Sprint, though the group at the last sprint set a very high bar.